Sunday, 10 January 2016

Low to No Cost Business Ideas.

* Ask your local restaurants, vegetable and fruit shop owners to dump their food waste in your land or a near by waste land to which you have access. Then leave few local varieties of Hens and a Rooster, the birds eat the waste, excrete in them and reproduce. They produce Meat and Eggs that you can later sell for a profit or eat it yourself. Not only that, after sometime the waste and the excreta of the birds transform into a good manure for plants which you can sell to local growers for a profit. You can search for seeds of flowers, fruits and nuts from local growers or nearby forests and plant them in the manure adding some soil from waste lands into it, once the plant grows you can sell the plant in the name of your own plant nursery. Plant bamboos as natural fence that will grow in 6 months to 1 year, which will protect the birds from dogs and also you can sell the bamboos later for a profit. Build a cobhouse for yourself and the birds from the separated plastic that comes with the food over a period of time. This way everybody is happy. You are happy (as you have a job now), Birds are happy (as they are grown in free range, they only have one bad day in the saluter house), Environment is happy (as you are recycling waste), Farmers are happy (as they no longer have to buy synthetic Fertilizers), Society is happy (as the food they eat is organically grown that are free from chemicals and pesticides), even the Landlord is happy as you are finally forming a fertile top soil which can bring up good Fruit trees once you leave the land. Try to avoid being sentimental about the birds, we all are part of the Nature's food chain, Aren't we? Our bodies and organs are being eaten by the harmful bacteria, virus and cancers. Which eventually die and gets eaten by plants which inturn are eaten by human beings and animals. It's a cycle. We all are dependent on one another in some or the other way. we all are friends in this massive planet eating each other directly or indirectly :)

Follow the blog for the new ideas to come.  To be continued............

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