Thursday, 30 July 2015

Meditation as it is

• Silently witnessing is Meditation. Witnessing leaves you at Nothingness.
• Man and God are two sides of a coin, importance of one exists due to the other.
• Identification binds, witnessing liberates.
• Silence is peace, silence is God. Disturbance is creation. Disturbance is world, disturbance is drama.
• Everything emerges from Nothing and to Nothing goes back everything.
• Time and world are evident in change. There is no change in you.
• Freedom is to be free from everything and anything.
• Everything so as Nothing exists in parallel.
• Matter transforms from time to time.
• Two sides of a coin, you are body, you are mind and thought, you are your role that you play, you are something on one side. On the other side you are just nothing and nothingness alone
• Nothingness is infinite, all pervading. Anything else is finite. In the beginning there was nothingness in the end there shall only be nothingness, in between there is something. Nothingness is Eternal, Nothingness is silence, Nothingness is Peace untouched by Duality.
• Like a plane paper is Nothingness all pervading and omnipresent. A dot on the paper doesn't take away Nothingness. The dot exists as something in the vast Nothingness.
• You are a zero / 0 on a piece of clean white paper. The only thing that separates you from the piece of clean white paper is the thin spherical line that created an illusion of this very existence of zero. This thin line is your body, your mind, your thoughts, your ego etc. and so on. If you erase the thin spherical line that formed the zero you are no longer a zero infact you are one with the clean white paper in other words the god, the universal consciousness, the divine, the infinite etc. The process of erasing is also known as meditation.
• To Experience that you are Nothing is Enlightenment, Knowing that you are playing a role in this very Drama is Realization. Living in the world untouched by it's maladies is Liberation.
• Why isn't there a knowledge that is to be known without meditation, because in such case there is no Drama, there is no world, there are no two sides of the coin, Nothing alone exists.
• Nothing is beautiful because something exists, something is beautiful because Nothing exists, God is beautiful because Man exists, Man is beautiful because God exists, Life is beautiful because Death exists, Death is beautiful because life exists. You are Beautiful, you alone exist.
• Result of Meditation makes you understand what you really are than what you think you are. This realisation may change your view of life. You then know you are only playing a role in this Drama. Knowing such serves what purpose? There is a difference between watching a movie silently and being carried away by the same movie while you are only to watch.
• Drama comes into play when the never changing identifies with the ever changing. You are the never changing, everything else other than you is always changing.
• You are peaceful, your very state of being is peace, to achieve that you do nothing, you are at ease, you are at home here. Thoughts emerge, you identify, you get carried away, you get involved, you lose peace, you are on the road here.
• A dark sky is nothing, infinite that is. Stars are something, light is something, life is something, finite this is. When everything is over nothingness alone remains. At night in Nothingness you sleep. When you wake up in the morning you experience the world. World and Nothingness are two sides of the coin you are something in the world and you are nothing on the other side. Meditation alone takes you to the other side whilst you are on this side.
• There is nothing other than me on the otherside, neither there is anything else other than me this side. It's just me wherever, whichever, it's just me. Neither there is you nor I. It's just me alone. Duality is only a temporary illusion, like a bubble in the vast ocean that may disappear anytime and be created anytime.
• Jump happens between sides, when jump happens, then the individual consciousness merges with the universal consciousness. This may be similar to a drop of water hanging at the finger tip that is just ready to slip down into the vast ocean, once slipped and merged in the ocean it is no longer a drop it is one with it's source. This is what happens to the silent witness ultimately.
• Your existence is absolute, you exist while you are awake, you exist in your dream, you exist in your deep sleep, you continue to exist in the state of Meditation and the one jumps after it. You are everywhere. Where you are and to which you are only changes.• You are "A" God in this world, you are "The" God on the other side.
• That which is experienced in silence can never be explained in words or through language. Explanation in words could be a close match but can never match a direct experience. Silently witness and experience yourself.
• Clarity in Mind and thinking occurs when there is no clinging. Delusions and illusions are for those who cling on to them.
• Less and less you identify, the more and more you witness, there is a point that comes as a flash at which you experience yourself as absolute Nothingness.
• You have been running all your life. Running for money, running for sensual pleasures, running for name fame and so on. You were never happy, had you been happy you would have stopped the marathon by now.
• Now the question is how to be happy. The answer is you can never be happy as long as you think happyness is something that is to be achieved in future. In reality your very state of being is Happyness and Happyness alone, you only imagine that you are unhappy, perhaps you have been imagining this for so long without a gap that you almost forgot your true nature.
• Don't lose your self into the world endlessly in a cycle. Atleast now, this very moment, for a second, remain silent in thought, word and deed. Be aware. Be a witness. Experience your True Self. Having said that, live in the world, experience. Abandoning the world in the name of spirituality perhaps is similar to a Dead man wanting to re-enter the world. The otherside is always green, needless to say it's just an imagination. Achieve a state of Balance. Don't be something, be complete.
• You are here in the present, this very moment, behold.

to be continued...

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  1. All words are coming from beyond... From the ultimate experience...
    Pranam divine soul.. Aruna Maheshwari