Friday, 21 March 2014

Back to Nature - Exercise

In olden days human beings found their food either through gathering or hunting, things have changed since then, now nobody needs to go in search of food, the food travels thousands of miles and settles down on to our dining tables. We haven't been moving our limbs and bodies as much as our ancestors did, because it is no more a necessity.  There aren't a lot of forests left in the world to start food gathering and hunting, Exercising is what comes to our rescue to replicate this natural process into our lives.

I have been doing yoga for quite sometime, I went back to Strength Training in the year 2011, Yesterday I managed to lift 100 Kg on my Deadlift and 90 Kg on my Barbell Squats in the Gym, there were days when I could barely lift 20Kg on my back and squat down, Body has adapted to the stress that it is put into.

Being active is better than being inactive. A tree stays in the same place all through it's life, this is not the same with an animal that has limbs, we human beings have limbs and we are not designed to be inactive.

Exercise is natural, it is essential to maintain good health. Walking, Swimming, Running, Playing, Lifting Weights and Yoga etc. are all good to keep the bodies normal and healthy.

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