Sunday, 10 January 2016

Low to No Cost Business Ideas.

* Ask your local restaurants, vegetable and fruit shop owners to dump their food waste in your land or a near by waste land to which you have access. Then leave few local varieties of Hens and a Rooster, the birds eat the waste, excrete in them and reproduce. They produce Meat and Eggs that you can later sell for a profit or eat it yourself. Not only that, after sometime the waste and the excreta of the birds transform into a good manure for plants which you can sell to local growers for a profit. You can search for seeds of flowers, fruits and nuts from local growers or nearby forests and plant them in the manure adding some soil from waste lands into it, once the plant grows you can sell the plant in the name of your own plant nursery. Plant bamboos as natural fence that will grow in 6 months to 1 year, which will protect the birds from dogs and also you can sell the bamboos later for a profit. Build a cobhouse for yourself and the birds from the separated plastic that comes with the food over a period of time. This way everybody is happy. You are happy (as you have a job now), Birds are happy (as they are grown in free range, they only have one bad day in the saluter house), Environment is happy (as you are recycling waste), Farmers are happy (as they no longer have to buy synthetic Fertilizers), Society is happy (as the food they eat is organically grown that are free from chemicals and pesticides), even the Landlord is happy as you are finally forming a fertile top soil which can bring up good Fruit trees once you leave the land. Try to avoid being sentimental about the birds, we all are part of the Nature's food chain, Aren't we? Our bodies and organs are being eaten by the harmful bacteria, virus and cancers. Which eventually die and gets eaten by plants which inturn are eaten by human beings and animals. It's a cycle. We all are dependent on one another in some or the other way. we all are friends in this massive planet eating each other directly or indirectly :)

Follow the blog for the new ideas to come.  To be continued............

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Meditation as it is

• Silently witnessing is Meditation. Witnessing leaves you at Nothingness.
• Man and God are two sides of a coin, importance of one exists due to the other.
• Identification binds, witnessing liberates.
• Silence is peace, silence is God. Disturbance is creation. Disturbance is world, disturbance is drama.
• Everything emerges from Nothing and to Nothing goes back everything.
• Time and world are evident in change. There is no change in you.
• Freedom is to be free from everything and anything.
• Everything so as Nothing exists in parallel.
• Matter transforms from time to time.
• Two sides of a coin, you are body, you are mind and thought, you are your role that you play, you are something on one side. On the other side you are just nothing and nothingness alone
• Nothingness is infinite, all pervading. Anything else is finite. In the beginning there was nothingness in the end there shall only be nothingness, in between there is something. Nothingness is Eternal, Nothingness is silence, Nothingness is Peace untouched by Duality.
• Like a plane paper is Nothingness all pervading and omnipresent. A dot on the paper doesn't take away Nothingness. The dot exists as something in the vast Nothingness.
• You are a zero / 0 on a piece of clean white paper. The only thing that separates you from the piece of clean white paper is the thin spherical line that created an illusion of this very existence of zero. This thin line is your body, your mind, your thoughts, your ego etc. and so on. If you erase the thin spherical line that formed the zero you are no longer a zero infact you are one with the clean white paper in other words the god, the universal consciousness, the divine, the infinite etc. The process of erasing is also known as meditation.
• To Experience that you are Nothing is Enlightenment, Knowing that you are playing a role in this very Drama is Realization. Living in the world untouched by it's maladies is Liberation.
• Why isn't there a knowledge that is to be known without meditation, because in such case there is no Drama, there is no world, there are no two sides of the coin, Nothing alone exists.
• Nothing is beautiful because something exists, something is beautiful because Nothing exists, God is beautiful because Man exists, Man is beautiful because God exists, Life is beautiful because Death exists, Death is beautiful because life exists. You are Beautiful, you alone exist.
• Result of Meditation makes you understand what you really are than what you think you are. This realisation may change your view of life. You then know you are only playing a role in this Drama. Knowing such serves what purpose? There is a difference between watching a movie silently and being carried away by the same movie while you are only to watch.
• Drama comes into play when the never changing identifies with the ever changing. You are the never changing, everything else other than you is always changing.
• You are peaceful, your very state of being is peace, to achieve that you do nothing, you are at ease, you are at home here. Thoughts emerge, you identify, you get carried away, you get involved, you lose peace, you are on the road here.
• A dark sky is nothing, infinite that is. Stars are something, light is something, life is something, finite this is. When everything is over nothingness alone remains. At night in Nothingness you sleep. When you wake up in the morning you experience the world. World and Nothingness are two sides of the coin you are something in the world and you are nothing on the other side. Meditation alone takes you to the other side whilst you are on this side.
• There is nothing other than me on the otherside, neither there is anything else other than me this side. It's just me wherever, whichever, it's just me. Neither there is you nor I. It's just me alone. Duality is only a temporary illusion, like a bubble in the vast ocean that may disappear anytime and be created anytime.
• Jump happens between sides, when jump happens, then the individual consciousness merges with the universal consciousness. This may be similar to a drop of water hanging at the finger tip that is just ready to slip down into the vast ocean, once slipped and merged in the ocean it is no longer a drop it is one with it's source. This is what happens to the silent witness ultimately.
• Your existence is absolute, you exist while you are awake, you exist in your dream, you exist in your deep sleep, you continue to exist in the state of Meditation and the one jumps after it. You are everywhere. Where you are and to which you are only changes.• You are "A" God in this world, you are "The" God on the other side.
• That which is experienced in silence can never be explained in words or through language. Explanation in words could be a close match but can never match a direct experience. Silently witness and experience yourself.
• Clarity in Mind and thinking occurs when there is no clinging. Delusions and illusions are for those who cling on to them.
• Less and less you identify, the more and more you witness, there is a point that comes as a flash at which you experience yourself as absolute Nothingness.
• You have been running all your life. Running for money, running for sensual pleasures, running for name fame and so on. You were never happy, had you been happy you would have stopped the marathon by now.
• Now the question is how to be happy. The answer is you can never be happy as long as you think happyness is something that is to be achieved in future. In reality your very state of being is Happyness and Happyness alone, you only imagine that you are unhappy, perhaps you have been imagining this for so long without a gap that you almost forgot your true nature.
• Don't lose your self into the world endlessly in a cycle. Atleast now, this very moment, for a second, remain silent in thought, word and deed. Be aware. Be a witness. Experience your True Self. Having said that, live in the world, experience. Abandoning the world in the name of spirituality perhaps is similar to a Dead man wanting to re-enter the world. The otherside is always green, needless to say it's just an imagination. Achieve a state of Balance. Don't be something, be complete.
• You are here in the present, this very moment, behold.

to be continued...

Friday, 21 March 2014

Back to Nature - Lifestyle

I have been a raw vegetarian predominantly for the past 15 years, I have been asked by several people to share the knowledge and experiences. This is for all of you. Hope you take the good in this and leave the bad, make your life happy and healthy not just by reading and thinking rather implementing and transforming yourself.

1) Human Body came out of Nature and in Nature there is food for this body that has to be take in their very available form. If you fail to do so you become Unnatural and your body becomes imbalanced so as your mind.

2) Whichever is in Nature is Natural. If you are doing something that is not in Nature, then what you are doing is Unnatural.

3) Nature is Gods creation, that is absolutely perfect, It is up to you to be in-tune with nature or go against it.

4) No creature in this planet seeks help of others to know what it has to eat, only human beings ask. If your instincts are not working well because of the society in which you grew up, then try your other faculties namely observation and reasoning. Don't seek help from others, how could you be so sure about what the others say is right for you? Use your inner abilities first, have faith in Nature and the Creator of this Nature.

5) Let me buzz you with some reasoning and observations, just in case you don't know how to start thinking in those lines. What ever you make or cook is not your food because you have not made your body, similarly you can't make the food for your body. Nature gave you this body and in nature there is food for this body. In nature there is a Law, Food is created first and then the Organism living on the Food is Born. What ever you eat you should be able to excrete, if you find it hard to do it, then that is not your right food. Only eating happens all the time and excretion doesn't happen, then it is not your right food. You eat a quantity and excrete way less than what you eat then also it is not your right food, You make all kinds of unnatural sounds with your mouth in the toilets in an attempt to excreting then also it is not your right food. You eat thrice a day but excrete only once in a day or once in several days then also it is not your right food. No animal in the wild has excretory problems. Only pets like dogs have, may be because they have been in association with human beings for a very long time and they have been following similar un natural lifestyles. The food that you eat isn't nourishing you then it is not your food. The food that makes you ill is not your food too.

6) Then What is your right food? The food that is not only tasty which also nourishes the body is the right food. I experimented and finally chose to eat Sprouted seeds, soaked groundnuts, Coconuts, Dates, Almonds, Cashew, Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables. I feel comfortable with this diet, my body accepts it and I have been healthy all through these years.

7) Human beings can't see in Dark, you do not have the ability to find your food when it is dark, unless you use electricity, this means you have to finish your last meal or dinner before sunset.

8) For the Body to be healthy and normal, air, water, food, exercise and sleep are essential. Air is involuntary, next comes water in the order of importance, if you had lived in a society of food gatherers then the whole day you would have walked several miles in search of your food and would be more thirsty than hungry, which means that you have to drink more quantity of water in your daily life than the quantity of food that you eat. If you are thirsty you will not eat food to satisfy your thirst, but if you are hungry you can still drink water and relieve yourself from hunger pangs. You can live without food for several days or months but you can't live without water for many days. So understand the importance of water in comparison with food. Your body functions well only when you use it, if you don't use you lose, Exercise is substitute caveman activity. Understand the importance. Sleep rejuvinates your whole system, sleep well. All the creatures in this planet search for food, eat when they find, drink water, sleep well. If you are doing something different understand where you stand.

9) Certain foods like seeds cant be eaten directly as they are very hard to chew and difficult to digest, for that you need to soak them for 8 to 12 hours in water, then separate the seeds from water, clean them well then tie them in cotton cloth, which would take 2 to 3 days to sprout, length of the sprout would be 1 to 1.5 inch, is when you can eat them. Groundnuts can be consumed after soaking for 8 hours, they don't have to be sprouted. Grains like brown rice can't be eaten raw, even if you boil, the nutrients are still preserved. Salt and Spices have medicinal values that can't be used as edible substances in day to day life. Sugar and oil are man made, Tea, Coffee are stimulants not nourishments, Human body is not designed to have animal foods, this isn't very difficult to understand if you observe the bodies of herbivore and carnivore animals.

10) If you cultivate natural habits you should be healthy and happy, but don't expect a lot, you have control over your actions where as the results are beyond your control. Just because you are eating raw foods and having a healthy life style doesn't mean you will be healthy for rest of your life without a single health problem. Life is Uncertain. You live in the midst of confused man made society where in you eat genetically modified food, breath polluted air and drink contaminated water. The genes that you obtained are from unhealthy parents and grandparents with unhealthy lifestyles and habits. There are so many factors that are beyond your control. Please be aware.

11) My Lifestyle:

5AM - Wake up

5AM - Drink 1 to 1.25 Liter Water

5 to 6:30 AM - Exercise for one to one and a half hour, either running or yoga asanas/prayanama or weight lifting

6:30 AM - Drink 1 to 1.25 Liter Water

6:35 AM - Brush my Teeth with Neemstick, Take a cold water shower, get things ready for my office.

7:30 to 8:30 AM - Have Breakfast that constitutes Sprouted seeds one or two varieties of Moong, horse gram, millets, bazzra, wheat, ragi etc., Soaked Ground Nuts, Coconut, Dates, Almonds, Cashew etc.

8:30 AM - Go for Work

10:30 AM - Drink/Sip water after completion of 2 hours from breakfast completion time at regular intervals and finish atleast 1 Liter water before lunch.

12:30 to 1 PM - Lunch constitutes Boiled Brown Rice with boiled cereals powder.

3 PM - Drink/Sip water after completion of 2 hours from Lunch completion time at regular intervals and finish atleast 1 Liter water before dinner.

5:30 PM - Dinner constitutes 1 to 1.5 kg of seasonal fruits.

7:30 PM - Drink/Sip water after completion of 2 hours from Dinner completion time at regular intervals and finish atleast 500 Milli Liter water before sleep

8:30 PM - Sleep

After food, I give 2 hours gap and then start drinking or sipping water at regular intervals and I stop drinking water before 40 minutes of the next intake of food what ever it might be lunch or dinner. I do not consume Salt, Spices, Sugar, Redchilly, Tamarind, Tea, Coffee, Oil, Animal Foods. If I fall ill, I do fasting.

12) For those of you who claim themselves spiritual and are into spiritual path, trying really hard, doing this and that to just have a glimpse of the divine, for all of them, I would say, first eat what the divine has cooked for your body to eat in it's very available form, try to be natural and normal as much as you can and you shall realize the divine for sure. Nature is your Guru, first be intune with nature, then nature will lead you to it's Creator, in your words the God.

13) Sometimes I might just go on a 2 meal a day diet. I take the first meal at 11:30AM which constitutes 3 varieties or more of sprouted seeds and seasonal fruits. I have the second meal at 6:30pm (before sun set time) which constitute Boiled brown-rice with boiled vegetables.

14) I often go on a complete 100% raw food diet. Breakfast only Sprouts, Lunch only Nuts like Coconut and Dry fruits and fruits as Dinner.

15) There is no hard and fast rule, observe nature, experiment on yourself and make your choices.

16) Now I am not after Taste, neither am I after Health. Then you might ask me why am I doing all this. That is because I chose to eat what Nature has selected me to eat. And with my observation, experimentation I think this is what is right for my body. It may or may not be right for your body. If you tried something different and still preserved your health in life, then, I am quite open to hear, enlighten me :)


Back to Nature - Exercise

In olden days human beings found their food either through gathering or hunting, things have changed since then, now nobody needs to go in search of food, the food travels thousands of miles and settles down on to our dining tables. We haven't been moving our limbs and bodies as much as our ancestors did, because it is no more a necessity.  There aren't a lot of forests left in the world to start food gathering and hunting, Exercising is what comes to our rescue to replicate this natural process into our lives.

I have been doing yoga for quite sometime, I went back to Strength Training in the year 2011, Yesterday I managed to lift 100 Kg on my Deadlift and 90 Kg on my Barbell Squats in the Gym, there were days when I could barely lift 20Kg on my back and squat down, Body has adapted to the stress that it is put into.

Being active is better than being inactive. A tree stays in the same place all through it's life, this is not the same with an animal that has limbs, we human beings have limbs and we are not designed to be inactive.

Exercise is natural, it is essential to maintain good health. Walking, Swimming, Running, Playing, Lifting Weights and Yoga etc. are all good to keep the bodies normal and healthy.

Back to Nature - Fasting

Getting back to Nature has always proven to be an encouraging experience.

Finally I managed to fast for about 7 to 8 days during the weekends, I drank plenty of pure water all during the day and also had a juice of honey and lime mixed in water at regular intervals. There was a bit of  dizziness in the beginning, very soon it passed by.

In the weekdays I supplied nutritious plant based raw foods and lifted weights in the gym as usual and during the weekends I fasted either on a saturday or a sunday, sometimes on both the days. This process continued for a little more than a month starting July 2012.

I am sure my body is left free from the cycle of eating and digestion that it has been put into since a very long time. Body weight has dropped from 75KG to 69KG in about a month. Much of the body fat got burnt easily without an effort.

Fasting is rejuvenating, a natural process, all most all the creatures in this planet do fasting when there is a need. I am glad I have known this and made it happen.


Drink 1 to 1.5 liters of water as usual as soon as you wake up, then walk for 10 to 15 minutes by concentrating on the pressure that the water has created on your intestines and lower abdominal region by doing so also observe the bowel movements in the intestines, when there is a strong need then go to toilet and pass bowels.

An hour later, follow the same process mentioned above, by drinking another 1 or 1.5 liter of water and try to attend the bowels.

You may take another 1 or 1.5 liter of water after one hour from the second installment of water intake if you feel comfortable, otherwise you need not. You may skip the third installment of water if you wish.

It is better to have the intestines empty before starting the fasting process. Those who suffer from constipation can do enema with pure luke warm water. Others do not need enema.

Begin your first glass of honey lemon water at 9AM. Take a big glass(350ML capacity) of water and add 4 tablespoons of honey with filtered juice of 1 lemon. Stir well and drink. You need to drink this juice within 5 to 10 minutes of it's preparation.

The sour flavor of the Lemon kills the desire for food and Vitamin C present in it increases the immunity system assisting in better repairs of the body. Honey doesn't have to be digested, it is already in a pre-digested form hence gets absorbed into the blood directly, it supplies required energy to the body and the brain to function normally without side effects.

After 1 ½ hours say 10:30AM, drink 1 or 2 glasses of water.

At 11:30 AM, drink Honey Lemon Water

At 1 PM, drink 1 or 2 glasses of Water

At 2 PM, drink Honey Lemon Water

At 3:30 PM, drink 1 or 2 glasses of Water

At 4:30 PM, drink Honey Lemon Water

At 6 PM, drink 1 or 2 glasses of Water

At 7 PM, drink Honey Lemon Water

Stop drinking water by 6-30PM or 7PM. If you drink, water after seven you may deprive of sleep at nights due to frequent urination. However, you can lick some honey or drink honey lemon juice with less water even after 7PM if you find yourself dizzy or hungry.

The gap should be observed correctly, Honey Lemon Water intake to Water intake gap need to be 1 ½ hour or 2 hours, Water to Honey Lemon Water intake should be 1 hour.

Do not exercise or practice Asanas during fasting, as it does not serve the purpose, save energy, do not involve in any physical activity during fasting. You may practice some easy pranayamas if you like. Prefer to stay at a silent place away from sound pollution and do not talk much. Keep away from artificial coolers, fans and air conditioners during fast. Do not consume very cold water. Drink normal or lukewarm water. Make the Honey Lemon Water instantly before drinking. Do not make them in advance and store in a bottle. Doing so will spoil the juice and make it useless. For those whom it is not possible to make the honey-lemon water instantly can lick 4 tablespoons of honey and drink water. You may go for massage or steam bath during fasting, as that will help in cleaning the skin. Take Bath in the Morning and Evening with normal water or cold water. Try to rest more as much as possible during fast. Avoid watching television. Sometimes, you might experience nausea or vomiting in the initial days of fasting. It is because the body used to produce bile juice until now. It keeps on producing the bile even in fasting for a few days until it gets used to it. The bile present in the stomach produces nausea and vomiting sensation. You might feel hungry at the end of the day if you are new to fasting. Most people are unable to control their craving for food end up eating something or the other at the end of the day or during night. Do not do this mistake because all the effort you have put throughout the day goes in vain if you eat up eating something at the end of the day. There will not be any use in doing so. One has to have a strong will power to overcome this. if you are able to control, you will derive full benefits of fasting. Involve yourself in spiritual practices and meditation during fasting. Avoid all sorts of medicines during the fast. Taking pills during fast might make you dizzy and weak. Try to sleep early after sunset.

It is very essential to know the methodology of breaking the fast, which if not done properly will be harmful to the body. Due to continuous fasting, the body acclimatized with no food intake and all of a sudden, if you take large amount of food in breakfast the next day after the fast, the body will be exposed to strain. It has to be done in a systematic way. Break your fast with vegetable or fruit juices, later you may take any kind of sprouts or nuts and for lunch you may have the food of your choice. “How long can anybody fast?” It all depends on the person and cause of the fasting. Longer fasting is better doing under the supervision of expert doctors. Healthy persons can take up 1 or 2 days of fast on honey lemon water safely. Some people might try to fast longer without expert guidance for longer periods especially those who are obese with an intention to get slimmer at a fast pace. One should not do such things in haste. Always remember the difference between fasting and starving. Fasting is an art and science of cleansing and repairing the body. Starving on the other hand is the process leading to malnutrition of the body. Fasting one day once in a week or once in a month is highly recommended for good health and happiness. People with any form of severe diseases should practice fasting only in expert guidance at Naturopathy retreats.